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IMP Live 118

Host: Stu Helm
Panel: Bart Busschots, Oliver Haslam with guests Cliff Ravenscraft and Jeff Gamet


  • Bart: Consumer reports says it cannot recommend iPhone 4 - yet ranks it top of  the smart phone market - via All Things D 
  • Stu: Apple held a press conference to discuss the iPhone 4 - live blogged by Ars Technica & Video by Apple
    • Apple demonstrated that this problem is NOT iPhone 4 only
    • Apple gave some hard numbers:
      • 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers contacted Apple Care about antenna or reception issues
      • AT&T returns of iPhone 4 running at 1.7% (iPhone 3GS was 6%)
      • iPhone 4 drops less than one extra call per 100 calls than the iPhone 3GS
    • Apple offering free bumpers till at least September 30 world-wide, may extend further
    • No re-stocking fee on returns
    • The proximity sensor issues are real but not wide-spread and will be fixed by the next iOS4 update
    • iPhone 4 coming to 17 new countries on July 30th, including Ireland & Belgium 
  • Oli: Apple show selected journalists around their Antenna test facility - via Macworld
  • Oli: Apple publish some details of their testing lab on their website, with a video - via Apple 
  • Oli: Consumer Reports still 'can't recommend iPhone 4' after Apple's response - via MacRumors

Apple News

Mac News

iTunes Ecosystem News

  • Cliff: iOS updates
    • iOS 3.2.1 for iPad released - fixes Wi-Fi issues
    • iOS 4.0.1 released -  fixes bars & Exchange bug
  • Oli: Firefox Home approved in App Sore - app store link

Security News:

Apple Competitor Watch:

  • Stu: RIM respond to Apple's antenna claims - via TiPb
  • Oli: Nokia state they prioritise antenna performance over design - via Engadget
  • Stu: Droid X features eFuse to 'brick' the phone if modded, Motorola respond - via Engadget
  • Bart: Balmer promises Microsoft Partners that Windows 7 Tablets are on the way - via Macworld UK