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IMP Live 157

This week’s panel are Stu Helm, Julie Kuehl, Bren Finan and John F Braun

Security Sweep

  • John: Adobe release Flash update to fix critical vulnerability - via Intego’s Mac Security Blog
    • Full report from Adobe is here
    • Lame update mechanism, prefpane update button brings you to web page, why not update from prefpane?
  • Stu: Goole Chrome 12 released with various security improvements - via TUAW
    • Nice security updates, malware (same as recent Safari update?) and Adobe Local Stored Objects (also accessible in prefpane Flash | Storage)

Apple News

  • Bren: 1997 WWDC closing keynote shows that iCloud really is not a new idea.
  • Julie: Apple's New Spaceship
    • Steve Jobs presents new Apple campus to Cupertino city council - via The Mac Observer
    • Cupertino council say ‘No way are we saying no’ to new Apple campus - via The Mac Observer 
  • Stu: Apple world’s largest buyer of semiconductors - via The Mac Observer
  • Julie: Apple Design Awards 2011 Winners Announced - via TUAW
  • Stu: Apple confirms Arctic Monkeys and Gwyneth Paltrow for iTunes Festival, London - via The Mac Observer

iOS EcoSystem News

  • Bren: Apple release iTunes 10.3.1 with syncing fixes and some iCloud features - via Mac Rumors
  • Stu: iTunes Match won’t be available in the UK until 2012 - via TUAW
  • John: Developers may be able to develop Notification Center widgets - via 9to5 Mac
  • Julie: Apple quietly drop in-app subscription rules - via Ars Technica
  • John: Apple files to intervene in Lodsys patent infringement suit against iOS developers - via Ars Technica
    • More info in articles from The Mac Observer and EFF several other companies filing patent invalidations (Brother, Canon, HP, Hulu, Lenovo, Lexmark, Motorola Mobility, Samsung, and Trend Micro)
  • Bren: Two iPhones to fly into space on last shuttle mission (Actually not the first iPhones in space - see here) - via TUAW

Apple Competitor Watch

  • Stu: Display shortages mean Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be thicker than the iPad 2 - via TUAW
  • John: iCloud Communications sues Apple over use of iCloud name - via Razorianfly
    • Interesting part, if you search USPTO Apple filed for this June 1, 2011 (with Priority Date of December 7, 2010) but also, some individual also filed for this on May 6, 2011
    • Also, there's little chance for an average to confuse iCould Communications with Apple's iCloud, right?

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