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IMP Live 165

This week’s panel are Stu Helm, Julie KuehlGrant Butler and Kelly Guimont

Security Sweep (Stu)

Apple News

  • Julie: Apple takes legal action against copycat ‘Apple Stores’ - via AppleInsider
iOS EcoSystem News
  • Grant: Apple unleashed iCloud on the web Beta to developers - via Engadget
  • Julie: Apple detail iCloud storage upgrade pricing - via Macworld
  • Grant: Existing MobileMe users will get 20gb extra storage free until June 2012 - via MacRumors
  • Stu: Apple clamps down on developers selling iOS 5 Beta ‘spots’ - via The Mac Observer
  • Kelly: Apple TV updated to allow TV show purchases, streaming of purchased shows and Vimeo support - via TUAW
  • Stu: Skype for iPad finally arrives - via The Mac Observer
  • Kelly: Time to bring all magazine titles to the iPad - via The Mac Observer

Apple Competitor Watch

  • Julie: Google accuse Apple, Microsoft and Oracle of ‘patent bullying’ - via ArsTechnica
  • Grant: Acer founder says that iPad and tablets are ‘little more than a fad’ - via The Mac Observer
  • Stu: Samsung Australia delays launch of Galaxy Tab 10.1 due to legal battle with Apple - via The Mac Observer

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